DowCommerce Rates

DowCommerce is one of the most powerful, feature rich, internet payment gateways on the market. When using DowCommerce you get many extra features at no additional cost. Most of our competitors charge you a premium for these same features. Included with every DowCommerce account you will receive... a Free Integrated Shopping Cart, Free Recurring Billing, Free Multi-User access, plus Free Quickbooks Integration. Our only "Premium" features is the Fraud Protection service. If you package all these features together from some of our competitors you will be paying well over $100 per month (that's on top of the hundreds of dollars in setup fees they charge)

DowCommerce Cost
Setup Cost FREE*
Gateway Fee $19.95**
Transaction Fee 10¢**
Recurring Billing Module FREE
Integrated Shopping Cart FREE
Multi-Users FREE
Quickbooks Integration FREE
Merchant Account Rates
Application Fee $0.00
Statement Fee $8.95***
Discount Rate 2.04%
Authorization Fee 24¢


The above rates and fees are not meant to be entirely inclusive; other rates and fees may apply to certain transaction types. Entire rate and fee schedule will be included in your Merchant Application and Merchant Processing Agreement. These will be available for review prior the completion of the setup of your merchant account.

* Setup cost may be free only when processing your credit cards through Capital Merchant Solutions Inc. If you use a processor other than CMS, the DowCommerce setup fee will be quoted by a Sales Rep.

** Gateway fees as low as $19.95 per month and 10¢ per transaction depending upon risk level of account.

***By signing up now you will be locked in at this introductory rate for the life of your account.