DowCommerce now integrates with QuickBooks!

QuickBooks is an Intuit® financial management system for small- and medium-sized businesses. The new QuickBooks functions allow you to track your DowCommerce payment gateway transactions along with your QuickBooks accounts. By using this QuickBooks integration feature, you will greatly enhance the speed at which your business can manage it's financial aspects.

Here's just how simple the DowCommerce QuickBooks integration is:

  1. Login to your DowCommerce Account
  2. Choose the "QuickBooks" option from the side bar.
  3. Select a data range for the transactions (you can go back up to 365 days).
  4. Download and save to your computer.
  5. Import into QuickBooks software. ( File->Import->IIF Files... )

All the data from your DowCommerce gateway is now in your QuickBooks software!

How much extra is this going to cost? $0

The QuickBooks import function is now a standard feature of the DowCommerce Payment Gateway. It is provided to all DowCommerce users at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

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