Fraud Protection Services by DowCommerce

When you select an internet payment gateway, a solid Fraud Protection product is not something you should overlook. The Dow Commerce Payment Gateway has a very sophisticated Fraud Protection Program built right in to it. This fraud screen system is used as a first line of defense against the most common types of internet credit card processing fraud. The program will help you define what transactions you will and will not accept.

The DowCommerce Fraud Detection System is made up of five main components. Listed below you will find a basic description of each fraud deterent.

This section allows you to set the parameters of your fraud protection, based on various factors. For example, you may choose to limit the amount charged in a single transaction, or in a day or week. Or, you may limit the number of transactions performed in a day or week. These transactions can be linked to either a credit card number or an IP address. You may also limit the number of times a user can input a different credit card number for transactions. These transactions can be set by either any attempted or only approved transactions. If a transaction hits one of these "parameter flags", you can choose whether to save the transaction so you can manually review these suspicious transactions, or deny them outright.
User Ban
This section allows you to ban or review transactions from specific users. These actions can be set based on your customers IP address of their computer (down to the C & B class levels), by their credit card number, by their country, or by their user information in your system.
This page allows you to make exceptions to the fraud ban system for users you know are legitimate. The 'White List' is a way to make exceptions to your ban parameters. Users whom you know violate the restrictions, but are valid users can be entered here to bypass your restrictions without review. Users can be entered by User ID, credit card, or IP.
Waiting Review
Transactions that have been flagged as possibly fraudulent will appear on this page, waiting for your review. If you find them harmless, do nothing. If you believe the transactions are fraudulent, you may cancel the charges put through by going to your gateway.
History Log
This page allows you to see recent transactions performed, with a color-coding chart for easy reference as to whether the transaction was accepted, denied, etc.

If you are serious about doing business on the internet, then we would highly recommend the Fraud Detection Software brought to you by DowCommerce. This cost is quite affordable when you compare it to what a single fraudulent order may do to your business.

  • Setup Cost: FREE (normally $99.95)
  • Monthly Cost: $10
  • Transaction Cost: $0.05 (normally $0.10)

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