Multi-user Support from DowCommerce

Whether you run your business by yourself or you employ others to help, DowCommerce gives you the flexibility to create and assign users access based on their role within your company. You can set up one user or a hundred and tweak their access level in relation to what they need. User access can be customized on 17 different levels.


Virtual Terminal
User has access to the virtual terminal to manually process credit card payments or payments by electronic check
Refund Existing Transactions
User has ability to issue credits or refunds on transactions processed through DowCommerce.
Issue New Credits
User has access to create new refunds based on transactions outside of the DowCommerce system.
NOTE: This option must be enabled on the merchant's account.
Recurring/Installment Billing
User has ability to create installment and subscription based billing.
Upload Transactions
User can upload payment transactions in batches for processing from data kept on local server.
Transaction Reports
User has ability to access and search transaction reports.
Administrative Options
User has access to administrative options and the ability to create and edit other users' access.
Access Other Users' Transactions
User has the ability to access payments processed by other users.

When an email address is provided you can enable any user to receive the following notifications.


Transaction Receipts
Sends a transaction receipt for every transaction processed
Settlement Reports
Sends a summary of all payment transactions settled
Electronic Check Notifications
Sends notifications regarding electronic check transactions
Recurring Reports
Sends reports regarding installment or subscription based transactions
Upload Summaries
Sends an upload summary for every batch uploaded
Developer Updates
Sends any API/Integration updates or newsletters to the user
Administrative Updates
Sends administrative notifications or scheduled downtime to user
Information Newsletter
Sends newsletters regarding the DowCommerce system, updates, and industry news

How to add a new user:

Access the user management panel by clicking on options. Then choose user accounts to manage which users in your organization have access.

Options Screen

You can now either edit existing users or add new users. You can see a brief summary about a current user's privileges.

User Control Screen Add a new user screen

Multi-user support is standard on all DowCommerce accounts. To take advantage of this powerful feature sign up today!Sign Up Now