How does DowCommerce compare to its competition?

Take a look at the comparison below. The DowCommerce Payment Gateway includes all the basic functions you would expect in a payment gateway such as the Virutal Terminal, Real-Time Processing, and Reporting Features.

The extra "FREE" features are what really differentiates us from our competitors!

Included at NO COST with every single DowCommerce account, we also include:

FREE Recurring Billing and a FREE Integrated Shopping Cart!

Not all merchants will use every feature that the fully loaded DowCommerce Payment Gateway offers, however it's nice to know that the features are there if you need them! Verisign DowCommerce
Virtual Terminal YES YES YES
Real-Time Processing YES YES YES
FREE Recurring Billing NO NO YES
Multi-Users YES NO YES
FREE Shopping Cart NO NO YES
Quickbooks Integration YES NO YES
Swipe / Retail Option Avail. NO Avail.
Fraud Detection Addon Avail. Avail. Avail.
Electronic Checks Avail. Avail. Avail.

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